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ZaraAd Business

ZaraAd Online Business Get Paid for Viewing Websites, ADS and Completing simple tasks. ZaraAd is Incredibly great and easy Our concept is simple when a member purchases Licences, Zaraad offers online tasks completion micro jobs to its outsourcing partner companies through our registered members. We provide professional micro jobs task completion service, marketing, and advertising campaigns, In exchange for service our partner companies share their service charge with ZaraAd and we redistribute more than 90% of these to our members through REVENUE SHARE.


The process is really simple. Doing things you do everyday. Once you register you will have your own personalized back office from where you will be assigned to completing simple tasks which are delivered by our advertisers and publishers. You can both become publishers and advertisers and earn your way up. You can buy bulk licenses which will allow you to earn daily passive income from your licenses starting from 20$ to $100k. For details, you can see our reward program and our opportunity page.

ZaraAd Online Business

Many Types of Jobs


ZaraAd gives you different types of Task provided by our clients, Your job is to complete the task in prescribed format.


ZaraAd gives you an image, a series of texts, you draw complete the Captcha.

Form Filling:

ZaraAd gives you small Database, you type in the text you see into empty Forms provided.

Opportunity To Maximise Your Earning

ZaraAd has an unique affiliate program through which anyone can earn substantial income promoting the membership and licenses. Only our license holders can promote this opportunity. You will be rewarded for your effort as follows :

  1. Each License Fee is USD $20 ( You can Purchase License after Registration) and Maximum License you can hold 250 License.
  2. For one account you will have to complete minimum 20 Captcha everyday
  3. You will have direct referral Bonus 10% of the Licenses your referral activates
  4. Binary Bonus up to 10% from weaker leg
  5. Maximum Daily Binary Earning Cap is USD $ 500
  6. Daily Reward on your licenses ( e.g for 5 licenses to be calculated on USD$100) up to 0.35% for Maximum 1000 Days
  7. Licenses from $120-$5000 Daily Return is updated with maximum 0.50% Daily revenue share and below $20-$100will be calculated as Daily 0.35 % Daily Revenue. This is applicable to all previous and future licenses.

There are also lucrative incentive program available Details of incentive programs can be found in your back office.

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