What is Digital Marketing? Explain The Best Five!

Digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing refers to the promotion of goods or brands through electronic media. You can promote different products on this system using electronic media and generate a very good income

Today’s article will discuss five parts of digital marketing. How the Internet is spreading in the present world, after a few days people cannot imagine a normal life without an online platform

Over time digital marketing has improved many positives. In today’s article, we will learn about 5 Best Topics of Digital Marketing.

Point Out the Best Five Part of Digital Marketing

5 best part of Digital Marketing is highlighted below –

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • CPA Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

One part of Digital Marketing is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing on the online platform is a tremendously valuable track. If someone can work properly in this tray, then generating passive income is just a matter of time.

Creating Affiliate Marketing in Two Types –

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Niche Site Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing For a long time, a positive medium is very familiar. Many people working in this tray make passive income.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing – You are marketing a product through Amazon as a salesperson of Amazon. And by doing this marketing they can sell their product.

If you can sell their products, they will give you a commission for each cell. And this way your income will be generating.

How to Start? Amazon Affiliate Marketing

If you want to start an Amazon affiliate, first select the preferred Niche through Keyword Research. Niche sequels that people have a lot of interest in or who make regular searches on Google in the neighborhood.

Keyword Research is a very important part of Amazon affiliate marketing. You must have a very good knowledge of KW Research.

If the Amazon affiliate starts without recourse, 90% probability will be lost. KW Research is an important part of SEO.

KW Research will certainly know when you are affiliated with Amazon.

In order to select a Niche, there are a few things to look for –

  • Medium Prize
  • Select Low Competition Niche
  • Avoid Seasonal Niche

Medium Prize – In order to select a Niche, the value of the product is between $ 50- $ 100. Then the average income will be better and people buy more than this rate.

So do the middle prize to select Niche.

Select Low Competition Niche – Not only will Prize see. How are you competing with this Niche with other merchants? Niche will be able to analyze these issues.

You have selected a Niche, which has Prize Value Medium. But a lot of competition, you cannot easily make cell compositions with this Niche.

Think once! 1 million marketers working with a product or Niche. If you start working on this type of Niche, then you can lose with this one million marketers.

So try to work with the Niche. Niche’s compilation is relatively low. Then you can easily go to a better position.

Avoid Seasonal Niche – Seasonal Niche will try to avoid because the Niche of this type is a lot of cells for a specific time. Once the season is over, the amount of the cell comes to a completely empty quote.

So try the Seasonal Niche Avoid.

Trying to give a basic idea about Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Details are not available in this article. Here I introduce you to different parts of Digital Marketing. And Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing.

CPA Marketing

CPA – Click per Action. That means clicking on different action filing is called CPA Marketing. This CPA marketing is called a part of affiliate marketing.

Click per action – Clicking an action or CPA to generate income by submitting an email, registering or downloading.

Here’s a little easier to say about Action Phillip – Creating a popup box on your website, which says, “If you like articles on this site, then please submit the email to this box, then post a new article, you will get notifications as well.”

What happens when a popup box of this type is created on your site, and if a visitor submits an email to this popup box? Visitor submitted an email to you that means he had an action fill-up.

Hopefully, CPA understands this.

What is the relation between CPA Marketing with Affiliate?

We know that commission is available only when product sales are available in affiliate marketing, and do not have to pay sales in CPA. Income can be generated if there is a visitor to a particular website.

Both of these things are in line with the fact that in both cases the action is to be filmed. When you promote a visitor product to an affiliate, the visitor fill-up many actions to buy that product.

In the same way CPA – the visitor may have to fill the action by fill-upping a registration form.

In general, both the CPA and affiliate have to generate income by making the action fill-up.

For more information on CPA marketing, you need to write a different article. CPA is a very important sector in digital marketing.

Many marketers are earning passive income by CPA marketing.

 SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization? SEO is one of the strategies for looking at the first page of a web page on Google.

SEO is one of the most valuable sectors in the digital marketing topic. If you want to do something good on Affiliate / CPA, then you must have enough knowledge about SEO.

Unrealistic imagination to bring success to affiliate / CPA marketing without SEO.

Types of SEO-

  • Paid SEO
  • Organic SEO

Paid SEO

By paying money, Google’s first-page ranking technique is called paid SEO.

This means that you will spend the money to bring a specific keyword to Google’s first page, then the system will complete the work by following the entire system, the total system is called Paid SEO.

There was not a lot of compilation in Paid SEO at one time, but now paid SEO has begun a lot of compilation.

Organic SEO

Organically, when a web page is ranked on Google’s first page, it is called Organic SEO.

All SEO work is done with this organic SEO.

Types of Organic SEO-

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

SEO practices that are conducted inside the web page or in the admin panel are called On-Page SEO.

Google cannot crawl your website unless you are on-Page SEO correctly. So you need to know your adequate knowledge about On-Page SEO.

In On-Page SEO – which is well-known for developing your websites? –

  • SEO Friendly Content
  • Content Optimization
  • Title Optimization
  • Site Map
  • Meta Description
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal and External Back-link Setup

If someone can work with very good knowledge about these points, then on-Page SEO practices will be very good.

Off-Page SEO

The SEO practices that are made from outside the website are called Off-Page SEO. Your website’s On-Page SEO does not have to be done all the time if you can take On-Page SEO properly once.

But off-Page SEO practices have to be done regularly. A website is a very good rank when the website has a regular practice of Off-Page SEO.

The main task of Off-Page SEO is to link your website to another website. In this case, you are linking to Niche’s other websites, you are about to create a website with Niche.

What to look for in linking your Website? –

  • Link to Relevant Niche Site
  • DA / PA is better than your website, link up to this type of sites

Off-Page SEO requires a lot of good knowledge about the issues –

  • Block Comment Backlink
  • Question/Answer Backlink
  • Guest Post Backlink
  • Social Media Backlink
  • Chain Backlink by Web 2.0 site and PBN

If you do not know these few things in Off-Page SEO, then design your website as well, and you will not get any feasible value.

If your site does not rank, then the visitor will not come.

If the visitor does not come to your website, then the actual affiliate / CPA offer to set your site, there will be no sales.

From the applying to SEO – SEO has been divided into three types –

  • White Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

SEO practices that maintain all Google rules are called white hat SEO.

Gray Hat SEO

Some of Google’s rules maintaining that SEO is practiced are called gray hat SEO. In the case of gray hat SEO, it is best to know everything correctly.

Many people try to apply this method to get rank in Google.

Black Hat SEO

With no Google rules that SEO is practiced, it is called Black Hat SEO.

By applying Black Hat SEO you can easily rank them in the first page.

But when Google’s robots can catch up on this matter, your site will never be able to come to the rank again.

White Hat SEO will not be able to come to the rank even if it is very well applied.

Another part of SEO is – Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

SEO’s positive practices that make offline local businesses known online are called Local SEO.

Local SEO is usually centered on the location. The things that are to be found in Local SEO –

  • Local SEO Keyword Research
  • GMB (Google Map Business) Page Creating
  • GMB Page Optimization
  • Schema Implement
  • Citation/Directory Site Backlink

These points are very important for local SEO. If someone knows this topic well then he can work as a Local SEO Expert.

There are also many other things on SEO and Local SEO, which will make it impossible for you to register.

If you are an SEO expert, you can make your business very easily through the website. You can also do a great job as an SEO expert.

SEO is a part of SEO useful in digital marketing topic. There is no positive result in affiliate / CPA without SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – Generating sales by promoting any business through various social media.

Social Media Marketing is now a popular medium for digital marketing. In addition to the website, marketing can now be done using social media and income is possible.

If you make your business popular on social media, you will get lots of traffic from social media.

Besides, websites are now popular with social media.

Popular Social Media’s is:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

This is more popular in social media.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

YouTube is the most popular medium of video marketing. Now a lot of marketers are making money through YouTube.

Let’s know about YouTube Video Marketing through a variety of ways –

  • AdSense
  • Affiliate
  • CPA
  • Offline Product Reviews


AdSense Policy is – If you make videos for YouTube, if your video is popular in YouTube platform, then YouTube Add Advertising your video. When YouTube Traffic clicks on Show Add to your video, there will be a few dollars per click for your AdSense account.

There are several ways to earn money from YouTube, the highest income is from this AdSense.


We have already come to know that there is a website for affiliate marketing. But if you want to be able to affiliate marketing very well through YouTube video.

Suppose – You are working through the website at Amazon’s Affiliate Program. If you wish, you can use the YouTube Platform positively to sell the product.

The Amazon is working with the same product or Niche, the first thing to do is to create a very good review video and upload this review video to your YouTube Channel.

When your YouTube Channel becomes popular, you can generate a lot of sales just by using YouTube Marketing.

Some platforms for video marketing –

  • YouTube
  • Wistia
  • Vidyard
  • Sprout Video
  • Brightcove

80% peoples of these 5 platforms popular for video marketing are still working on the YouTube Platform.


Here’s ended a detailed article on digital marketing topics. I tried to give a detailed idea of some of the popular parts of Digital Marketing.

If you have any type of questions tell in the comment box. If you like the article, share it with friends. Thanks!



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