Earn Money For Searching On Google: by Presearch

Earn Money For Searching on Google by Presearch

Welcome everyone, Today’s article After a long time, I again to write an article on a new topic called Presearch. Today I will try to give some positive values with the Presearch Search Engine. So Let’s Start

Presearch is based on Blockchain Technology, The first Decentralized Search engine In The World, like the Google Search Engine. But here is the positivity point, you can earn Money by searching on this Presearch search engine. Since we search every day on Google, for different needs, what is the use of Presearch Search Engine in this case? It will give you some tokens every day for Searching on Presearch.

How To Use Presearch?

It’s easy to do an easy job, first, simply you have to create an account on Presearch, and you get 25(PRE) Token Extra Bonus, and Then you will see the page like Picture Below:

Earn Money For Searching on Google by Presearch

And here you can Search any Keyword it will redirect to Google Search Page. and then you will get some Presearch (PRE) Token of 1= fourth 0.25 token for every searches. The 1 Presearch (PRE) Token Current CoinMarket Price Is: $0.10 USD. so don’t waste your time Search your needed Keyword easily as like google and get rewarded for every search.

As the Name Suggests It is Presearch Engine Because When you Select Google Under the Search Box and Search Some Term your will be shown the result on google and it has a list of Search Engines.


Every Time you Make a search 0.25 Presearch Token is added To your account:

Presearch Rewards Account

Use this Link to Create your Account and get 25(PRE) Token Extra Bonus. Register Here

What is PRE? Learn by Clicking here

Presearch also has its Chrome and Firefox Extensions This will help you to set Presearch as your Default Search Engine

Google Chrome Extension: https://goo.gl/zkqSyu

Firefox Extension: https://goo.gl/TpESNi

Presearch Chrome Extension

If you are using a smartphone, you can create preset as your default search engine and do not forget to login to your ID and now make sure you get free tokens at any time when you search and you can do this by using different accounts on different devices. You can

Current Ranking Of Presearch(PER) is 262 (At the time of Post Writing):

Presearch PRE Token Price

It is also Listed On some Big Exchanges:

Presearch Markets

Terms to Use

You can Create and Use multiple Accounts on Same IP As there are Many Members in a Family. But Make Sure to use it genuinely else you won’t be getting rewards!

Referral Program

There is also an Option Of Referring Others Where you Get your Unique Referral Link Like My Link:


Presearch Referrals

To get Referral Rewards You Need to Follow There T&C that is You become eligible for your 25 token bonus, per referral, once each referral has earned 100 search reward tokens, and has been active 60 days after their initial sign up.

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